Don't let misconceptions stop you from having a vacation in a cruise ship.

'I'll feel trapped'

This is one of the reasons why people avoid cruise ships. They feel that staying in a 1,092.5 ft with a maximum passenger capacity of 3,900 (not including the crew) is still not enough. If that is still small for you think about the 3 or more swimming pool, children's playgrounds, bars, and casinos.

'I'll get sick'

Relax. It's not that bad. Cruise ships have stabilizers to keep the ride smooth, you may not even notice that it's already sailing. If you're really worried, book a cabin in the middle of a deck which is the ship's natural balance point.

'It's too expensive'

Wait for promos when you're travelling with the whole family or book off-season where fares routinely dip below $100 per person a day. Also, avoid going to the spa, gambling or drinking as the extras are what add up to be an expensive vacation.

'It's dangerous'

You can't avoid accidents but if it's any consolation, statistics show that cruise ships are safer than other modes of transportation. There are more deaths from vehicular accidents. If you're still a bit uneasy, make sure you pay attention to the safety cards on board and familiarize yourself with the location and use of lifeboats.

Other tips:

  • Be on time. If you think you can only miss a flight, you thought wrong. You will be surprise by how many people miss the boat when in stops in destinations so remember the exact departure times and stick to it.
  • Read up. Check out onboard activities before you book as every cruise line have their own specialty.  For example, a cruise may specialize in the food and wine tastings, night life until the morning, and others are for men who like buckets of ice cold beers by the pool.
  • Plan where you stay. If you know that you'll be spending most of your days in the pool choose cabins that will not require you to take 2 elevators and a 30-minute walk.