The Gold Coast is well known all through the world for its ideal surf, pristine shorelines and astounding nightlife. In any case, that isn't all it brings to the table - there are additionally the amusement parks. In the event that adventure is your middle name, look at our main rides for adrenaline junkies and fearless-hearted holidaymakers.

Superman Escape, Warner Bros. Movieworld

The most awesome ride to begin your Gold Coast adrenalin venture on, this ride reminds you exactly why you adore roller coasters. In the wake of being recounted a short Superman story you are shot upwards with an incredible force- it's as of now that you understand that stomach dropping feeling, just to acknowledge you haven't even came to the drop yet.

The Storm, Seaworld

One of the most up to date additions to Seaworld, The Storm ride setting is a cruise ship wreck, where you turn into the coast guard on this soaking adventure ride. Starting inside the ride starts its incline and after that slips into darkness- lockers are accessible by the entrance as no loose things are permitted - in addition, you wouldn't have any desire to get them splashed!

The Giant Drop, Dreamworld

We are all aware how this one goes - it's currently an incredible Australian landmark. A definitive drop ride, The Giant drop takes you up 115 meters and drops at a rate of 135km/h for 5 seconds. Indeed, even found in the Guinness Book of World Records, it's the nearest you'll get to skydiving without really bouncing out of a plane.

Tower of Terror II, Dreamworld

Sitting one next to the other on the same tower as The Giant Drop, you'll be excessively diverted by the shouts, making it impossible to try and see your fellow riders. On this ride, you are blasted up tower, with panoramic views, if only for a minute before dropping down into the long passage. The ride goes so quick that you'll have the capacity to feel your face pulling back.