An Irish news reporter has gone viral after delivering a seemingly struggling and dramatic weather report of Storm Desmond despite being drenched in cold harsh rain and battered by winds.

Teresa Mannion, journalist for Ireland's public broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann, broadcasted the devastation brought about by the storm in Salthill last December 12 in a manner that caught social media's attention.

Not long after her sensational broadcast, the internet was filled with memes, tributes and parodies of her report.

One notable parody was when Mannion's advice 'Don't make unnecessary journeys, don't take risks on treacherous roads' was made into an autotune Europop remix. Another adorable tribute was when a 5-year old kid mimic Mannion's hysterical report pleading people not to go to the streets or they will be blown away by the horrible storm.

'I can totally see how it's comedy gold, but you've got to walk in my shoes for a moment. My body was swaying. I was in my own little storm bubble and trying my best to do my job and deliver. I had no idea I was bellowing.' she recalls.

She also shared that she's a Twitter fan and this abrupt popularity got her countless more followers. Before her internet fame, earning her few followers would already make her happy. Now, people would go 'It's the girl from Salthill! It's the weather girl!' when they see her and would request to take photos with her. Mannion said that she posed for 100 selfies in Ballina alone.

Because of her viral sensation status, she has been set to appear on various interviews and late night shows. Ray D'arcy Show, The Late Late Show, and even CNN contacted her for an interview. Mannion's Storm Desmond report also caught the attention of celebrities like Arianna Grande, who posted the viral weather broadcast on her Snapchat account.