No Nazi Gold Train nor traces of it was found at a site where such mystery train was said to be hidden Polish geologists said.

The mysterious train is a local legend that concerns a locomotive reckoned to be filled with gold, jewels and other treasures which was hidden by the Nazi during the end of World War II. They hid it there because the city was occupied by Germany before it was taken by Poland at the end of the war.

With the use of magnetic and gravitational equipment in order to analyse geophysical data, geology experts from University of Science and Technology in Krakow dis some survey on the site in Walbrzych, Southwestern Poland. Janusz Madej, head of the survey team, said that there is a possibility of a tunnel but they were unable to locate a train.

However, these findings only involves one of the many places in Walbrzych where Nazi military bases and related equipment were rumored to be situated and kept -- which includes treasures and spoils of war such as the Nazi Gold Train. Historians also discovered that the Nazi created underground tunnels in the mountains during the war in order to carry out their military missions in a more covert manner. The history experts also reckoned these tunnel system are either used as secret hideouts or factories to manufacture weapons of war.

Earlier this year, an explorer who goes by the name Piotr Koper claimed that his geology equipment discovered traces at what could be the hidden Nazi train. His examinations were made prior to the ones done by the Polish geologists. Along with another explorer, Andreas Richter, Koper informed public officials of Walbrzych that they located the legendary yet elusive locomotive in one of the tunnels near the city.

The town authorities then requested geology experts to investigate Koper and Richter's claim to which the Polish geologists proclaimed that no such military train was found.