Tony Webb, Managing Director of Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, patented an affordable underwater luxury hotel which will be located in various parts of the world.

The underwater hotel will cost a total of $3 million to build and would cover an underwater room for guests and an elevator with support vessel. If the project pushes through, it would allow lodging 30 feet below water surface.

This isn't the first time that underwater lodgings have been developed. However, Webb's patent is the most affordable one yet, making it accessible to any guest despite their income class. This paves the way for travellers to experience a luxury hotel without the need to empty their pockets.

A single room would measure 18 by 12 feet where guests can enjoy benefits one would normally get in a regular hotel. Sleep in king-sized beds, keep food and drinks in refrigerator, and have access to the bathroom. It will also feature an entertainment area and a wide space living room where guests can chill and relax. Most certainly, the hotel will also provide room service and Wi-Fi.

'Imagine you are in 150 feet of excellent visibility water, now what do you want to do? You can scuba, hookah and snorkel and most importantly enjoy the underwater view with your significant other,' Webb said.

Seeing that it is an underwater hotel, guests will be exposed to the panoramic view surrounding the deep water lodgings. From the aqua pod rooms, tourists will be able to adore aquatic life through the transparent acrylic ceiling and wall panels as sunlight (or moonlight) cast a breath taking radiance.

A prototype is currently being constructed in Key West, Florida and will be moved and tested in a resort in Cuba. Other target locations include Maldives, Dubai, Egypt, Israel, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Hawaii, Panama, and the Bahamas.