If you really like your privacy and alone time, here's the ultimate getaway for you - a staff less hotel.

Hotel Buddy is a 75-room hotel in an office-use building in downtown Munich, Germany. The guests will have to take care of booking, checking in, managing parking, paying, and even looking for their own rooms through a cloud-based technology.

The hotel is looking at tech-savvy millennials looking for affordable accommodation as their market.

"The benefits for guests are pretty obvious. That is, they are staying in a modern, brand-new hotel right in the heart of Munich, and at an unbeatable and affordable price," says Johannes Eckelmann, founder of Germany's well-known Cocoon Hotels.

This low budget hotel's technology is developed by Hetras, a hotel management software company.

"Just as urban travelers today just check in online for flights, they would also much rather be able to check into hotels the same way - quickly, without any fuss and without having to stand in a queue," explains Hetras sales manager Tanja Baier.

Guests can check-in early online and receive instructions on how to go about the process. There will be a tablet on a kiosk when they arrive, where they have to sign, which will then serve as their reservation. After signing, the guest will receive a machine generated key card that is to be used in the elevator. Once the code-based key card is inserted in to the elevator, it will automatically take the guest to the correct floor.

The concept of the whole process is similar to checking in for a flight online where all details will have to be done without the need to stand in line or to be serviced by a representative.

Due to the success of Hotel Buddy, Johannes Eckelmann is applying the Hetras cloud-based technology to his other properties in Germany, though he is maintaining the staff.