For all you trance fans out there, Dreamstate is the musical destination for you.

Dreamstate is the latest festival ultimately dedicated to trance music. The event is brought to you by Insomniac Events, a legend when it comes to electronic music festivals, and will be a 2-day trance mania on dates Nov 27 and 28, at the NOS Event Center, Damus Building, San Bernadino, South California. Tickets are currently sold at $110.

Insomniac Events have been known to bring about the best events that cater to the electronic scene in America but this is the first time they dedicated a festival exclusively for trance music. Trance-specific events are rare in America and are mostly held areas outside Europe and in some locations in South America. This musical gathering will surely be anticipated by the trance community because it brings with it the best names when it comes to trance music. Through these big talents in trance music, Dreamstate is anticipated to become a festival that celebrates trance in all its creative and inspiring forms.

Most of the lineup of Insomniac Event's musical festivals usually include a comprehensive category of Electronic Dance Music. But when they started to make events showcasing the best in bass with their Bassrush and Basscon series, it was no surprise that they start featuring events that focuses on other specific genres as well. The trance-festival Dreamstate then is just the beginning of more genre-specific musical events to come.

The Dreamstate 2015 include trance acts such as Aly & Fila, Bryan Kearney, Cosmic Gate, Fleming & Lawrence, Gareth Emery, John O'Callaghan, Jordan Suckley, Markus Schulz, Neptune Project, Paul Oakenfold, RAM, Sean Tyas, Simon Patterson, Solarstone, Vini Vici and featuring Paul Van Dyk.

Dreamstate is expected to deliver music that best describe what trance truly is -- hypnotic, otherworldly, passionate and dynamic.