"The river that ran away from paradise", Caño Cristales is an astounding biological creation that will leave anyone in awe. The red plants, green and yellow sand, blue waters and the other stream of natural colors are the reasons why this watery wonder is known as "the river of five colors".

The majority of the entire year, Caño Cristales is just like any other normal rivers - pebbles and stones coated in dark moss green color that are visible beneath a translucent, crisp current. However, a breathtaking yet short-lived phenomenon happens in between the wet and dry seasons of Colombia. During this phase, Macarenia clavigera, an alluring plant species that grows in the riverside, blossoms into a dazzling red and inhabits most of the river. These plants radiate into a red color only for a few weeks from September through November. As stated by Amusing Planet, a web magazine, "It is at this brief period that the water level drops enough for the sun to warm the water and plants".

The plants' brilliant red hue is neutralized by other blotches of shades coming from the blue water, black rock, yellow sand and green algae, creating that liquid rainbow effect. The river also highlights caverns, pools and waterfalls that add up to its spectacular scene.

Located in a secluded and solitary area, Caño Cristales is not an easy access by road. Tourist must fly from Villavicencio to a nearby town of La Macarena. From there, they must take a short adventure trip by a boat and travel unmarked pathway to reach Serrania de la Macarena, the national park where this enchanted river can be seen.

Now that you know the why, when, where and how, what are you still waiting for? Don't just stare at the photos, take the adventure now and be fascinated by this nature's work of art.