Iceland is known to be a place where fire and ice exist in harmony with each other. It is gifted with natural wonders from its bright Northern Light skyline to its majestic underwater ridges and magma chambers. It possesses a rich culture born out of the insular way of life of its people. It is a place that when explored will definitely make one in coming back for more.

There are a lot of places to see and things to do in Iceland, but topping the list are these five.

1. Blue Lagoon Paradise

Take a relaxing dip in the 100 degree crystal geothermal water of the famous Blue Lagoon. The water is rich with sulfur and silica, compounds known to be best for anti-aging properties. A popular pool is located in Reykjavik in the Laugardalur Park. The hot bath is perfect for those who want to take a load off and simply commune with nature. Apart from heating the lagoons, it is interesting to note that Iceland's geothermal energy also powers their homes.

2. Elf Houses

Because of tiny structures called "alfhols" often built in the gardens of homes, it is rumored that Elves exist in Iceland. Tourists regard the stories as an old wife's tale, but for some of the natives, they believe that these creatures, commonly referred to as "hidden folk" really exist. There is an Elf School in Reykjavik which helps answers questions often asked by tourists about their belief. There, one will learn that there are 13 types of elf. They also believe in different kinds of gnome, trolls and fairies. All of these are based on claims made by Icelanders who have had personal encounters with the mythical creatures.

3. The Silfra Ridge

Only in Iceland can one dive and snorkel in between two continents. In the Silfra Ridge, located in Thingvallavatn Lake in the Thingvellir National Park, one can be in two places at the same time. The underwater canyon is where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates that converge with the African and South American plates. This is a popular diving site because the visibility underwater is so clear. However, it remains free of aquatic life because of its coolness. 

4. Volcano Diving

In as much as the country is one of the most active volcanic regions across the globe, there is a dormant volcano which erupted 4000 years ago called the Thrihnukagigur where people can get inside its crater to see its colorful magma chambers. One of its craters is located in the Bláfjöll Country Park, a protected area southeast of the capital. One will need to take a helicopter ride to witness this geological wonder.

5. Northern Lights

Iceland has one of the most romantic skylines lit by Northern Lights. In the UNESCO proclaimed World Heritage Site, one can get a clear view of the aurora borealis. Superjeep excursions are also available for those who want to go on an adventure-filled 4 x 4 ride while catching a glimpse of this natural phoenomenon.