Weather reports have confirmed that this coming long weekend will be one of the hottest for the people of Melbourne. On Friday, the city exceeded its projected hottest temperature. It is predicted to hit a scorching 30.7 degrees this coming Saturday. Never the less the people and most of the football fans are happy for the perfect weather just in time for the celebration of their grand final day.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology forecaster, Michael Efron, this is the second time they reached 30 degrees on grand final day after 1987 when the temperature was at 30.7. This is also the first extended warm and hot period across the state, added Senior forecaster Scott Williams. This is also the first hot spell to hit the state after a 26 year streak of the city's coldest winter.

The 4 day hot spell of close to 30 degrees is expected to end on Tuesday evening, starting with a cold breeze sweeping from the west of Victoria.

Other scientists however link the heat wave to El Nino. Senior climatologists of the bureau Agata Imielska says that the high pressure system moving across Australia bringing forth the hot winds could be attributed to El Nino. She added that it being the climate driver, El Nino elevates the state's risk of experiencing drought as it lessens rainfall to a below-average level. The degree of drought will vary in different areas as well. Moreover, chief meteorologist Tom Saunders says that El Nino would start to weaken during March and April.

As for the heat wave in the coming days, citizens can enjoy the break from the cold breeze, light up their grills and enjoy the barbecue weather. Once the heat wave passes the city, people are sure to start reaching for their jumpers and warmers once again.