The next time go on for a trip, consider the following newly opened hotels. Check out the features each hotel has to offer and tell us which one is your favorite and why. Let us get this discussion started!

Alila Jabal Akhdar, Nizwa, Oman

This is a 78-room hotel is located around 90 miles southwest of Muscat, 2,000 metres above sea level. The name of the hotel, Jabal Akhdar, means "The Green Mountain" and is considered to be a part of the Al Hajar mountain range.  

Alila jabal Akhdar is a great place for travelers. It is also considered to be one of the best bases if you want to explore the region's rugged and untouched beauty and landscape. Take a break from the hustles and bustles of modern life. Connect with yourself and with nature.

The hotel-resort features contemporary architectural style combined with traditional Omani construction techniques, particularly the use of local stones.

Aro Hā Wellness Retreat, Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

If you are traveling to New Zealand, you might want to consider this hotel. Aro Hā Wellness Retreat is a 20-room lodge that allows its guests to practice yoga, meditate, and enjoy healthy food. The hotel is overlooking Lake Wakatipu, on New Zealand's South Island.

The hotel also offers rejuvenating programs and retreats that are spirit lifting, life shifting, and body morphing. It is great for individuals who are "trying to look for themselves". However, Aro Hā also very much welcomes groups, families, and couples.

The hotel is a result of Chris Madison and Damian Chaparro's shared interest: to create a transition space for people who are looking for a mixture of adventure, alternative health, nature, self-development and results-oriented fitness. It was first opened to the public in 2010.

The Brando, Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

With the mission of providing the most luxurious, authentic and enriching travel, The Brando offers 35 villas on white-sand beaches that are rich in marine life, such a sea turtles and manta rays. This resort is located 30 miles northeast of Tahiti, in French Polynesia's Tetiaroa - a beautiful private island. Tetiaroa is further composed of a dozen small islands. These islands surround a sparkling lagoon.

The luxury resort can be accessed only through a private plane and is built to reflect the culture and lifestyle of the Polynesians.