Funeral cops turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio as he gives his eulogy for the fallen Officer Rafael Ramos in Queens, New York on Saturday. Ramos was ambushed just last week along with his partner.

De Blasio's eulogy was shown on a massive TV monitor that was situated just outside the Christ Tabernacle Church. However, despite the Mayor's booming voice and the large monitor, hundreds of funeral cops blast de Blasio by turning their backs on him.

Officials of the police union have accused de Blasio of fostering a work environment imbued with mistrust over the years. This issue eventually led to the sad deaths of Officer Ramos and his fallen partner.

Over 25,000 police officers from different parts of the country went to the funeral to pay their respects to Ramos, who was actually a seven-year veteran of the New York Police Department. The long sea of blue was very clear as it stretched for more than six full city blocks.

In de Blasio's eulogy, he offered the condolences of the city to the family of the fallen officer. "All of this city is grieving and grieving for so many reasons," de Blasio said. "But, the most personal is that we lost such a good man."

Vice President Joe Biden expressed his condolences directly to Officer Ramos's two sons. He told them, "You've shown tremendous courage these past days." He also stated that Ramos and his partner, Wenjian Liu, were two officers who were vigilant, committed, and passionate.

"Being a cop was not what they did," Biden continued. "It was who they were, like every man and woman in uniform today, and they, like every one of you here and outside, all joined for the same reason."

Additionally, he also referred to the NYPD as the finest police department in the world. It was an earnest statement that made the people erupt in applause.