Miley Cyrus married is creating headlines on the internet right now. According to a Hollywood Life, a new report from Life & Style magazine claims that Miley Cyrus married Patrick Schwarzenegger with friends witnessing the allegedly secret ceremony in Miami.

Miley Cyrus married Patrick Schwarzenegger and the wedding was reportedly officiated by one of Miley's little people dancers from the "Bangerz" tour. The "booze-filled" ceremony

Miley, 22, and Patrick, 21, allegedly exchanged vows through a secret ceremony in early Dec. 2014, according to a Life & Style magazine report on their Dec. issue.

According to the report, Miley Cyrus married Patrick Schwarzenegger and the ceremony occurred inside a friend's hotel suite.

"Patrick was giggling" was allegedly with excitement. "A little person stripper pal of Miley's who's ordained as a minister was waiting," according to a source close to the singer.

There was no ring because the wedding Miley Cyrus married the model at the last minute. However, the "Wrecking Ball" singer allegedly made rings with rolling paper.

Made from her own line, Miley Cyrus married with rings made of 24k gold. A package reportedly cost approximately $65 for just 12 sheets.

However, according to Gossip Cop, Miley Cyrus, married - not her current status now. Despite the new Life & Style report, the magazine is reportedly known already for lying about the 22-year-old singer. The magazine reportedly published fake cover stories about Miley three times this year already, claiming that the pop star was pregnant.

The tabloid also published false cover stories saying Kellan Lutz dumped her even though they never dated. Another hoax that the magazine came up with was that she had a "deadly binge" and "drug overdose."

The new report, about Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus married during a crazy night in Miami earlier this month, is according to Gossip Cop, simply a hoax. The insider from the tabloid reportedly said Cyrus dragged her boyfriend to a hotel suite, and a "little person stripper pal [who's] ordained as a minister was waiting."

"Miley whipped out rings she'd fashioned from rolling paper and screamed, 'We're getting married!'," added the supposed reliable source.

According to Life & Style, the alleged newlyweds boarded a plane on December 6 for Nashville. Cyrus had assembled her pals there already.

"Miley invited a bunch of her childhood friends over to announce that she and Patrick had eloped the night before," claims the insider. "Everyone seemed really confused and taken aback about what Miley went on to describe as a 'private commitment ceremony.'"

However, the tabloid also admitted that Miley Cyrus married to Patrick "won't be legal unless Miley and Patrick apply for a marriage license."

Meanwhile, a source close to the couple reportedly told Gossip Cop that "the story is trash." has also reached out to the couple's reps for comment and has yet to clear the news.