Winter rolls around and the sleds and ice skates come out of storage.  People of all ages wait patiently (or impatiently) for ponds to freeze over and the first heavy snow to fall.  There is something enchanting about these winter activities, especially ice skating.  Here are some unique skating rinks around the world to visit.

1. Red Square, Moscow

This is the most famous ice skating rink in Russia.  The rink is of enormous size, holding 500 people.  It is nestled in the heart of the Red Square, the famous city square in Moscow.  You can skate under St. Basil's Cathedral, the famous Russian department store GUM, and the Kazan Cathedral.  It's the perfect spot to see Red Square while you participate in a popular Russian hobby.

2. Rideau, Ontario.

This is the longest skating rink in the world-5miles! The canal usually freezes over in January and is open to the public throughout February.  You can skate by the Parliament building, the Peace Tower, and many other Canadian sights.  In February the Canadians hold a large festival that surrounds this ice rink, called Winterlude. There are ice sculpting competitions, a snow playground, ice lounge, music concerts, and much more.     

3. Warwick Castle, England.

New as of this year, the skating rink here will be replaced with a skating river that weaves through the grounds of the estate.  There will be attractions on the side such as Victorian Carolers to entertain the guest.  What better way to skate but beside a medieval castle!

4. Potsdammer Platz, Berlin

It addition to the skating rink set up here, there is an entire snow village.   There is food and drink as well as large Christmas Market.  There is also a sledding hill with a perfect view of the Brandenburg Gate.  Winter and ice games like curling, toboggan runs and others are set up around the this winter village. 

5.  Rockefeller Center, New York City

The most famous of the U.S. skate rinks. Set up outside the Rockerfeller Center building, is this popular tourists and local destination.  The Christmas Tree at the center is usually somewhere between 70 and 90 feet tall!

Whether you are an amazing ice skater or you just slip and slide across the ice, get out and check some of these rinks out! Several of them have other activities for the non-skater.   And the venues for the skate rinks have amazing historical buildings that provide unique and impressive backdrops for your evening or afternoon out skating!