Paris is the city of lights and love.  We go there to see the famous works of art, the Eiffel Tower, the cathedrals, the opulence.  We want to feel French so we buy baguettes, eat croissants, and read books in the parks.  We want to appear cultured so we try to speak French, dress a la mode, critique art.  But why visit the ethnic parts of Paris?  Leave behind the Parisian life.  See what makes up a modern Paris, a modern France. 

There is a growing Middle Eastern and Arab population in France.   This brings a unique cultural clash between theFrench lifestyle and the Arab culture.  Two distinct cultures trying to co-exists next to each other.  So here is to exploring the intermixing of French and immigrant cultures.

The first place to visit is the Arab World Institute, centered in the heart of Paris.  The purpose of this building is to expose the Arab culture to the French and whoever chooses to visits.  Built in collaboration with eight other Arab nations, the Arab World Institute wants to promote collaboration and exchange between the French and the Arab world.