Labradoodle Gracie 200 foot fall - a miraculous thing happened to Michelle Simmons' pet dog, a Labradoodle named Gracie, Monday morning when it fell down a 200-foot Oregon cliff but managed to survive.

According to reports about Labradoodle Gracie's 200-foot fall, Simmons and her pet were hiking on a trail in the Columbia River Gorge when her pet accidentally went over the side of the cliff and fell down.

Prior to the deep fall, the unleashed canine was playing with another dog, SFGate has learned.

Simmons told rescuers that she heard her Labradoodle rolling as she fell down the cliff until Gracie hit the ground and yelp and then there was complete silence.

The devastated dog owner immediately thought that her Labradoodle that suffered a 200-foot fall was killed by impact, so she started an impromptu memorial service.

KPTV 12 Fox News Local noted that the hiking group that was with Simmons at the time was also devastated and many of them were shaken, crying and very upset of the tragic incident.

Apparently, amid her lamentation, another hiker came rushing up to where she was standing and informed her that her pet dog was alive. "She's alive, she's alive, she's alive," the hiker exclaimed as he ran towards Simmons' group.

Upon hearing the good news, they called for professional help and the Oregon Humane Society's volunteer technical rescue team responded right away.

The rescue team was reportedly composed of 10 volunteers and all of them helped in retrieving the fallen canine, according to People magazine.

One of the rescuers was lowered down to where Gracie fell and fitted the dog with a harness, bringing her to safety, as per Labradoodle Gracie 200-foot fall reports.

Authorities revealed later on that the dog only suffered minor scratches and bruises from her tragic fall off the steep cliff, noted

Check out the rescue video of the Labradoodle Gracie 200-foot fall story below: