Italy is filled with beautiful tourist spots such as the impressive structures of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. While some of the tourist spots in Italy are open to the public, there is one island that despite its' beauty is said to be cursed. Isola La Gaiola found in the province of Naples is allegedly cursed.

Naples' Isola La Gaiola is quite a majestic scene in the coastal area of the province. The majestic villa is situated on an island surrounded by a breath taking scenery. Anyone would love to live in the villa if it wasn't cursed.

Due to a string of murders, economic ruin and suicides that hit Isola La Gaiola, the villa has no longer been inhabited nor has it had any visitors in the past year. However, Isola La Gaiola is now owned by the authorities of Campania Region who are set to establish the Gaiola Underwater Park and keep the villa and its surrounding area as marine protected.

The bad luck of Isola La Gaiola allegedly begun in the 19th century. Luigi de Negri, the island's first owner, suffered financial loss after a disastrous fish farming business. The bad luck continued in the year 1920 whose owner was now Hans Braun. Braun had been murdered while his wife had drowned.

The fates of its owners suffered death, debt and financial ruin. Other owners of Isola La Gaiola include Baron Karl Paul, a German steel industrialist, Fiat Gianni Agnelli and Paul Getty. The last owner of the villa was Gianpasquale Grappone. He had owned an insurance company but ended up imprisoned due to a huge financial debt.

Despite the alleged bad luck brought by the villa, a number of travel bloggers still want to visit the area. Of course, with Campania Region having declared the villa under marine protection, it would be impossible to set foot in the area.