China school stabbing spree occurred after a man with a knife stabbed to death three students and wounded six others, including a teacher in a primary school in Shiyan, Hubei province in China on Monday. Shortly after the China school stabbing spree, the man killed himself after jumping out of the school building, according to Xinhua news agency.

A statement issued on a police microblog and a Twitter post by China Central Television identified the man who committed the China school stabbing spree as Chen Yanfu.

Reuters reports CCTV saying Monday night that the attacker injured a teacher and eight children, three of whom died on their way to the hospital, while two had severe injuries.

State broadcaster CCTV reported on its microblog that Chen was the parent of a student. Apparently, he carried out the China school stabbing spree because he was angry at the school for not allowing his daughter to register for the new term. According to reports, his child was not allowed for not completing homework assigned to her during summer vacation.

CCTV cited the initial police investigation in reporting how the man was able to enter the school. Apparently, the man was able to enter the school after saying he had to register his daughter.

The New York Times reports that the China school stabbing spree took place in a fifth-grade classroom. According to the police statement, at 10:20 a.m., Chen forced himself inside classroom No. 2 in the fifth-grade section. After gaining access to the room, he stabbed students and the teacher with a fruit knife.

Violent crime is reportedly rare in China as compared to other countries. However, a series of attacks have been occurring in the country's schools and its children recently.

The China school stabbing spree on Monday which was committed by an adult was not the first of its kind to happen in a Chinese school.

Because of the rising number of attacks in recent years, there have been calls for measures to improve school security at and finding out the root causes of the anger of the adults in a country where couples only have one child.

Xinhua state media said, "Security at many schools has been tightened after a spate of attacks on children in recent years."

According to the AFP, these attacks include five incidents in 2010 where a total of 17 people were killed, 15 of whom were children. 80 more individuals have also been wounded.

In December 2012, a village primary school in the central province of Henan was also the victim of a China school stabbing spree. A man went in the school and stabbed and injured 23 children.

This year March, a man also killed two relatives and stabbed 11 people, which included six children, outside a school in Shanghai.

In May, a man stabbed and injured eight students in a primary school in another city in Hubei, reports Reuters.

In Qianjing this summer, police killed a suspect after attempting an attack also on a primary school.

School guards in China are reportedly ill-equipped or trained to stop such attacks in the country.

Meanwhile, according to the NY Times, the loss of the children and fury of grieving parents have become delicate matters for Communist Party officials in recent years. They reportedly fear the heightened anger to cause rally if they continue to insufficiently keep children safe.

In 2008, there had been a tainted-milk-product scandal which killed and cause the illness of babies. There were also fatal school collapses during the Sichuan Province earthquake that same year. The deaths caused for parents to raise challenges and oppose official corruption for the Communist party.

China school stabbing spree occurred Monday, the first day of a new school term after the summer holiday, according to state media. Meanwhile, a Shiyan government official who was contacted by telephone declined to comment on the recent China school stabbing.