When you wish to pursue show business for your career typically one would choose to reside in Hollywood because that is where there are the most acting gigs. This is why most big time celebrities live in Hollywood or close by in places like Calabasas or Beverly Hills. However, there are a few celebrities who choose to distance themselves from the paparazzi ridden streets of Hollywood.

Jack Black: The star of School of Rock and voice actor in Kung Fu Panda likes to reside in the Okanogan Valley of Washington state when he isn't working in Hollywood. Jack Black has family that lives in central Washington, and has been trying to raise money to build a water park in his home town, Tonasket, so the local children have a place to play.

Taylor Swift: Possibly the hardest working country singer, the famous Swift has three residencies. One of them is in Beverly Hills which she stays in when working in Hollywood. However, her 'real' home is in Nashville, Tennessee, which is closer to her family.  The country singer also has a home in Rhode Island, which she likes to retreat to get away from the chaos of show business.

John Mayer: The acoustic singer who is known for his hit songs Daughters and Your Body is a Wonderland, resides in the quiet majestic state of Montana. The former boyfriend of pop singer, Katy Perry, has been seen on dates with her in Missoula and Butte. Montana is the perfect oasis for a private person like himself.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic: Giuliana Rancic, head interviewer for E! News, and husband Bill Rancic, winner of the first season of The Apprentice, choose to live most of their lives in Chicago, Illinois. The couple also has a house in Los Angeles. However, the two have been seen bickering with each other on their reality television show, Giuliana and Bill, about how hard it is to live in Chicago while Giuliana works in Los Angeles for E. Dual residencies.