People know Baltimore for all kinds of reasons. From the Orioles, to the aquarium, to the Wire, the Charm city has done quite well for itself in the past twenty years, casting itself in the national limelight over and over again.

What many people don't know, however, is that Baltimore's culinary scene is one of the best in the country, boasting restaurants and bars with more personality than the rest of the mid-Atlantic put together. It is that unique character that led us to put together, below, a list of the 5 best restaurants in Baltimore, places to consider dropping anchor in next time you're in town.

5. Peter's Inn

The perfect mix between metropolitan sophistication and traditional, tough-as-nails, Baltimore character, this former-biker-bar makes the list mostly for its unique personality.  Indeed, although chef Karin Tiffany may serve gourmet cuisine, her restaurant is "colorful," to put it modestly, making for both a delicious and memorable dining experience.

4. Jack's Bistro

Another rather eclectic restaurant, the menu of this small city bistro is probably different from any other you've seen. After all, how many restaurants have you gone to that feature a full-out bacon burger (not a burger with bacon on top, mind you, but a burger made of bacon), or a Guiness-braised filet mignon. However, Jack's does just that, keeping customers coming if only to wonder what crazy concoction chefs Ted Steizenmuller and Christie Smertycha will think up next.

3. Woodberry Kitchen 

Seeking a more traditional experience. Look no further than Woodberry Kitchen, an old-style tavern run out of a refurbished mill, and a place with some of the best ambience in Maryland. However, while the hard-wood floors and old stone kitchen will make you feel like you've gone back to the 1800s, the food - a modern take on traditional Baltimore dishes like steak, lobster, and oysters - does anything but, giving you yet another reason to visit this staple of Baltimore dining.

2. Ouza Bay

Coming in at number two, the recently-renovated Ouza Bay houses what has to be one of the city's most glamorous dining experiences, period. From fish imported from as far away as the Norwegian Sea, to desserts crafted to perfection right in the kitchen, Ouza Bay has such good food it seems almost out of place in the colorful, but not-always-deluxe atmosphere of the city. However, along with that New York-style glitz is a New York-style price-tag. If you're heading to Ouza Bay be ready to spend a paycheck or two on your meal.

1. Charleston

And, in the number one spot, a restaurant as iconic as the city itself: the always classy, always exciting, and always delicious Charleston in Harbor East. Though locals will say this place needs no introduction, for those new to the city, the Charleston specializes in the surf 'n turf meals that constitutes much of Baltimore cuisine. And indeed, with original takes on recipes like Lobster Bisque and Fried Oysters, you'll be surprised how gourmet your favorite foods can taste. The ambience is also exquisite, with the type of class and flourish that will remind anyone what fine dining can and should be. Which is why, ultimately, Charleston is the best restaurant in Baltimore, a place anyone and everyone should visit and enjoy on their next visit.