If there's anything in the world that's clichéd, it's the traditional American honeymoon. After all, while trips to Hawaii and Venice might be fun, they're also largely unoriginal, a quality that many who are about to tie the knot try desperately to avoid.

It is because of that phenomenon that we here at Travelers Today have listed below five more eclectic honeymoon spots for you and your newly betrothed to visit, places with few enough tourists and just enough authenticity to give you the exotic vacation you always wanted.

5. Argentina

While Argentina may be making headlines lately for its excellent soccer program, what many people don't know is that this South American country is also one of the most beautiful in the world.

 From the city of Buenos Aires, the cultural capital of South America, to the beautiful peaks of the Patagonia region of the Andes mountains, to the undeveloped Igazu National Park and Jungle, Argentina has a little something for everyone, allowing your honeymoon to be as rugged or comfortable as you and your new spouse want. It is just that versatility of experience, the ability to do whatever you want for cheaper than a traditional European vacation, that landed it a spot on this list and makes it an ideal option for many American newly-weds.  

4. Quebec, Canada

While Canada may seem like the least exotic place in the world, you'd be surprised how foreign a trip to Quebec City, the capital of Quebec Province, can seem. Indeed, from the French-speaking residents, to the old, 16th century fort that stands at the heart of the city, Quebec often feels more European than North American, a less-expensive, and less-touristy Paris made just for you and your new family.

The hiking trails, sculpture garden, and permanent Cirque de Soleil tent provide even more entertainment for eager travelers, ensuring you never get bored with the sites the city has to offer. Additionally, for a more rustic vibe, consider leaving the metropolitan area of Quebec City for the nearby Gatineau Park and Park de la Maurice, places that offer some of the most breathtaking views anywhere in the Western hemisphere.  

3. Indonesia

However, if you're more interested in leaving your comfort zone, look no further than Indonesia, one of the most exotic and underappreciated locations on the list. The ruins at Borobudur, Ratu Boko, and Prambanan, for example, look like the types of things that would only exist in movies: the microscopic detail on their walls and turrets are positively unearthly. 

To make things even better, Indonesia is remarkably cheap (especially compared to other honeymoon destinations). Rented vacation properties there can reach prices as low as $500 a month, with food expenses often as low as $10 a person at even the best restaurants. In short, there's no better combination of the exotic and economical than Indonesia, the perfect place for a newly wed vacation.

2. The Maldives Islands

Want a more tropical vibe? Look no further than the Maldives Islands, Hawaii's cousin in the Indian Ocean and one of the most extravagant honeymoon spots around. From their impeccably blue ocean water to the variety of local restaurants and bars on the islands, the Maldives really will transport you to an Eden outside of this world.

Plus, for those with a little extra cash, the luxury facilities in the Maldives are practically unmatched. Their Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, a dining room that is built under the Indian Ocean, is especially remarkable, allowing customers to view local sharks, rays and fish while they dine on exquisite European cuisine. Snorkeling and scuba-diving are also huge attractions, drawing people from around the globe to see the islands in all their natural beauty. In sum, if you've always wanted to experience island-life first-hand, the Maldives are the perfect honeymoon spot for you.

1. Tanzania

However, the number one spot is reserved for the most adventurous honeymoon of all:  the beautiful, rugged, and totally otherworldly plains of Tanzania, Africa. After all, there are few post-wedding experiences that involve both relaxing on the beach, and buzzing through the African jungle in a safari jeep. And yet, Tanzania offers just that diversity, ensuring your experience is both relaxing and exciting.

Recent developments also add an element of luxury and class to Tanzania, a factor that wouldn't have been at play twenty, or even ten years ago. Indeed, the growth of the African tourism industry, combined with the construction of beautiful new resorts, makes the country all the more receptive to honeymooners, with facilities quality enough to make you feel at home, even when you're traipsing through the jungle. In short, if you're looking for that trip you'll never forget, Tanzania is definitely the place to go.