Naked violinist in Portland Oregon was seen Saturday in front of a downtown courthouse. The Associated Press reported that when the naked violinist in Portland Oregon was asked to walk to the police squad car, he refused and thus the police had to carry him off to the vehicle.

According to the police, though they have filed the name of the naked violinist in Portland Oregon as Matthew T. Mglej, they are still unsure of the man's identity. Mglej is reportedly only 25 years old.

NY Daily News reports that photos of the naked violinist in Portland Oregon confirm that he was arrested by the police for playung his violin while in the nude outside a federal courthouse. Several residents in Oregon apparently could not handle Mglej's nudity any longer and several complaints have been made to the Portland Police.

Mglej's was reportedly seen by a number of passersby while he is playing tunes on the sidewalk. According to NY Daily, sometimes he is with a small dog and at other times, he has also be seen even lounging.

On Saturday morning, the brand of the instrument that the naked violinist in Portland Oregon used has not been identified. The Huffington Post reports that Mglej was arrested on misdemeanor charges of indecent exposure. He was eventually jailed at the Multnomah County Jail on Friday afternoon under the Portland city code forbidding indecent exposure. This was reportedly after several officers have warned the naked violinist in Portland Oregon to put on some clothes, yet he protested to put on even a simple garment.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time that the naked violinist in Portland Oregon has been seen in public. The police said that they have already warned the man countless times reagarding his "lack of attire." However, he still refused to dress himself or leave public view, says police.

Though they have arrested the naked violinist in Portland Oregon for violating city code, Portland police said that they refrain from enforcing the code during Portland's World Naked Bike Ride. They reportedly refrain from making arrests if participants keep to their designated route. Portland's World Naked Bike Ride attracts around 8,000 riders in the city every June.

Naked violinist in Portland Oregon had to be carried to a squad car for a trip to jail as he refused to walk with officers. According to the jail's website, he was released from custody today.