Vancouver's Fraserhood Has Five Memorable Dining Experiences Travelers Should Not Miss

May 09, 2017 10:08 AM EDT

Fraser Street, known for its long line of coffee and dessert shops coupled with gourmet restaurants, finds itself with a huge population of people lining up for their favorite providers of fill. The intersection of Kingsway to the 33rd avenue has these five gems sure to create memorable dining experiences for their diners.

According to BC Living Canada, Los Cuervos Taqueria & Cantina is a great place to start if diners find difficulty in choosing the best Mexican dishes. Using only the freshest ingredients and meat, all the tacos, especially the Lomo Cantinero taco or the Alambre are perfect representations of Mexican cuisine. Best served with tequila.

For vegans, The Black Lodge in Kingsway is an earthy bar that has a small town vibration in an apparently enormous city. The early 90s show named Twin Peak served as an immense inspiration for the town bar setting. The culinary selections include amazing veggie meat dishes and salads that are both healthy and truly amazing culinary treats.

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Les Faux Bourgeous or Faux Bo for short, is a chunk of Paris in Fraser Street and the rest of Canada. Before the entree, the appetizers of caramelized onions and smoked bacon in mozzarella and confit tuna and greens are just perfect before going for a Canard Confit or a Cabillaud. The restaurant is often fully booked and it may be important to book two weeks early.

According to Conde Nast Traveler, if you have a feel for Singapore's snacks and other street food and jerky, it would be best to visit BHK Jerky. The family-run business ensures cured and barbecued jerky fresh from the pan. It is greatly recommended to try the chili-roasted pork jerky.

Anyone looking for somewhere to drink up to have a great conversation in a speakeasy in Fraser Street only needs to head inside Crowbar. The bar's selection of bourbon, sherry and other poison delicacies of choice are amplified by its proximity to its nearby satellite restaurant L'Abbatoir's amazing dishes.

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