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The AER Accessory Protects The GoPro Camera, But It Can Also Be Used For Aerial Selfies

Travelers Today       By    Yosarrian Nino

Updated: May 08, 2017 06:00 AM EDT

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One of the best things about owning a drone is being able to take great aerial selfies, but they're not cheap, which makes it hard for people to own them. But with the GoPro camera's AER Accessory, taking aerial selfies doesn't require a drone anymore.

According to a report from Popular Mechanics, skier Nicolas Vuignier showed in a video how to use the AER accessory to take great aerial selfies. The skier just threw the GoPro in the air with a fitted dart to be able to take great aerial selfies.

The report adds that the AER was constructed in Netherlands and began its life partially through Kickstarter. It's shaped like an old Nerf football but only costs €49 ($54), making it way cheaper than a drone.

How can you be sure that putting your GoPro in the AER and throwing it in the air won't damage the camera? Well, Travel + Leisure reports that the AER accessory was specifically designed to protect the GoPro, particularly its camera.

The creators, though, also made it aerodynamic enough for people to be able to throw it gracefully in the air to take some photos and videos. Since the accessory is shaped like a football, people who loved to throw one growing back will be able to relive the memories of their childhood.

The report said that it will take some time to learn to properly throw the AER up in the air to take great selfies or videos, but it will be fun to do so. And with its cheap price tag, it will be a great and fun alternative to the more expensive drones.

To learn more about how to properly utilize the AER as aerial selfies, check out Nicolas Vuignier's video below. He provided a great demonstration on how to throw the accessory and take great aerial selfies.

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