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Apple ‘MacBook Pro 2017’ Will Likely Feature 32GB Of RAM, Better Battery Life; System Creates Content Like Cintiq Pen Display

Travelers Today       By    Yosarrian Nino

Updated: Apr 19, 2017 09:30 AM EDT

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It looks like Apple is trying to undo the fiasco of the 'MacBook Pro 2016' release, as the 'MacBook Pro 2017' is rumoured to feature high-end specs. The latest device is said to have better battery life, 32GB of RAM and will allow the "iPad Pro" to connect to it.

According to a report from Science World Report, a lot of people were disappointed when the highly anticipated "MacBook Pro 2016" launched late last year. The device came out with meagre specs, poor battery life and limited options for upgrade.

The report adds that orders for older refurbished "MacBook Pro's" increased immediately after the launch of the device. The only notable feature that was included is a Touch Bar.

But it looks like Apple is planning to change all that with the "MacBook Pro 2017." The rumored spec for the device is said to include an option for 32GB of RAM and a better battery life.

The Apple "MacBook 2017" is also said to come with a gold variant, which is good for people looking to match their gold iPhones with gold laptops. The device is also said to include several features and innovations that are geared towards professionals.

Donklephant reports that one such feature would be a system that will allow people to create content that is close enough to Cintiq's Wacom pen display. Professionals worldwide had loved Cintiq pens and touch screen display and Apple is looking at bringing this experience to the "MacBook Pro 2017."

To do this, Apple will allow the "iPad Pro" to connect to the "MacBook Pro 2017" to act as a Cintiq device. So people who already own an "iPad Pro" or are planning to buy one, will now have one more important use for the tablet.

Apple, though, has yet to make an official announcement regarding the "MacBook Pro 2017," so specs are mostly speculations at this point. Check out the video below for more news on Apple's latest device.

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