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'This Is Us' Season 2 Spoilers, Update: Cast Reveals Details Of Coming Season, Jack's Death

Travelers Today       By    Brynn B.

Updated: Mar 21, 2017 05:50 AM EDT

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Some, or maybe a lot were quite surprised with the ending of "This is Us" season 1. While many were prepared for what could be an emotional episode, it turns out that the season will not end with the revelation of how Jack died.

Hollywood Reporter says that the instead of the impending death, the episode titled "Moonshadow" instead brought viewers to the moment when Rebecca and Jack first met. The audience is left with a cliffhanger, wondering what would happen to the couple.

Series creator Dan Fogelman says that the episode aired is the one that has always been planned, with the ending showing the seemingly near perfect marriage in shambles. He also says that they are aiming for a balance. They want to tell a story that people can relate to in real life. With regards to Jack's death, they want to space out the episodes in a way that the viewers are still invested and very much interested in it. While he did not specifically state when the big reveal about Jack's death will happen, it has already been planned in the beginning.

Meanwhile, Refinery 29 reports that the cast came together after the season finale to discuss more of the show. Things got emotional for some cast members, most specifically Milo Ventimiglia when he was asked about his inspiration in playing Jack. He got teary-eyed as he revealed that his own father is the inspiration for the beloved Pearson patriarch.

There was also the question on whether Beth and Randall would push through with the adoption. Randall is clearly for it, but Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth, says that she might not be so open about it.

The cast of "This Is Us" did not give specific details about Jack's impending death, but they did say they were well aware of how he died. They did confirm that Kate is not directly responsible for her father's death. She did take it the hardest, hence her feeling of responsibility. What do you want to see in "This Is Us" season 2? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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