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'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Deimos Poisons Abi And Gabi, Makes Chad Choose Who Gets Antidote

Travelers Today       By    Brynn B.

Updated: Mar 20, 2017 04:39 AM EDT

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Days of Our Lives spoilers, Days Of Our Lives Spoilers March 20-24, Camila Banus

It's going to be an intense week in Salem in this week's "Days of Our Lives" episodes. The drama between Chad, Abigail and Gabi has escalated and one of them will be left brokenhearted at the end.

N4BB reports that Chad and Abi will be having a confrontation about the issue between them. Their relationship has gone through so much already, and the ordeal that Chad went through after being abducted brought to light his unresolved feelings for Gabi. He will admit his feelings for Gabi to his wife, and despite being hurt, they will resolve to fight for their marriage.

But misfortune seems to keep following the two. Deimos' plans of revenge results to both Gabi and Abi being kidnapped. Chad will find them tied to a chair, and as he tries to free them both, a henchman will arrive and Chad will be caught as well. It doesn't end there as Deimos plans are revealed. He wants to poison both women, give one antidote to Chad and say that he can only save one of them.

Meanwhile, Soap Hub reveals other people in Salem are going to have an eventful week as well. It seems that after learning the news that his son is alive, Steve and Kayla are now closer than ever to finding Tripp.

Elsewhere, Valerie is still struggling because her son Eli is refusing to talk to her. It is understandable of course as her lies have caused him to not know his own father. With his father being dead, Eli never got to know and bond with him. But with Abe asking Lani to talk to Eli about forgiving his mother, there still might be hope that the two would be able to settle their differences soon.

Who do you think Chad will choose to get the antidote, Gabi or Chad? Share your thoughts and comments about "Days of Our Lives" below.

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