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Japan Will Open Up A 'Spamusement Park' This Summer

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Feb 14, 2017 03:35 AM EST

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Imagine riding a roller coaster-but instead of the usual plastic seats, you're submerged waist-deep in a hot tub while wrapped only with a towel. Did that sink in in your head?

Apparently, the world is going to have its own spa-themed amusement park. But where is it located? Nowhere else other than the most imaginative country in the world (in our opinion), Japan.

The construction plan for the park was first announced last November 216, when a promotional video showed visitors lining up for rides wearing only a towel. The park would be built on Beppu, a city in the Oita Prefecture, which is famous for its natural hot springs.

Yasuhiro Nagano, Beppu City Mayor, initially announced that the shown TV ad will be a reality of the video hits one million views on Youtube. Fortunately for them, their goal was surpassed easily enough.

The spa amusement park was dubbed as Yuenchi, mixing "Yu" (hot water) and "Yuenchi" (amusement park). "The expectations are big for Yuenchi," Nagano said in a press conference. "We're hoping to create something that will live up to those expectations, delivering fun and excitement."

The amount of money needed for the completion of the park is roughly $887,721, but Nagano said that tax money wouldn't be used in building the park. A fundraising campaign for Yuenchi has already started last February 10, and according to the project planners, the park must be finished on or before July 29th of this year.

Yuenchi's website actually has a countdown timer up to July 29th, the proposed opening date of the amusement park. No details yet have been released regarding the pushing-through of the opening date regardless of the crowdfunding's success.

But it seems that free admission tickets would be given to those who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign. So if you want to help making Yuenchi a reality, contribute now! The campaign is available on Campfire, Japan's version of Kickstarter.

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