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The World's Most Fascinating & Unique Wedding Superstitions

Travelers Today       By    Mark James

Updated: Jan 13, 2017 05:28 AM EST

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The world is home to a multitude of cultures that are all different from each other. All these differences are quite noticeable with how different countries perform wedding ceremonies and observe superstitions. There are also a number of different symbolisms, leading people into taking weddings into an extraordinary level of importance. Here are a few of the most fascinating wedding superstitions in the world:

The Plumper the Better, Mauritian Women are often force-fed so that they would gain significant weight before their wedding. An unusual wedding superstition, this is because of a belief that healthy, plump women are clear sign of prosperity and wealth. According to a report from marie claire magazine, young girls in Mauritania is fed almost 16,000 calories per day just so that they become 'worthy' or marriage and their families can be assured that their young girls would be married off before they go beyond the 'marrying age'.

The problem with this, on the other hand, is that their stretch marks might be considered beautiful but their health is severely impacted. A lot of women who maintained the large weight often suffer from a variety of illnesses in the years to come.

Log-Cutting Couples in Germany, An unusual German wedding superstition according to the Knot, cutting logs have become the ultimate test of teamwork and compatibility. Newlywed couples are tasked to cut a large log while sharing a saw. Cutting the gigantic log in half, in front of all the guests, is the best way to show how well the bride and the groom can work together and combat any kind of obstacle throughout their marriage.

The Blackening in Scotland, All newlywed couples must be tested for how long their marriage can last and how well the couple can take care of their problems. In Scotland, it is a fascinating wedding superstition to cover the bride and the groom all kinds of food gunk before their marriage. Called the blackening, BBC reports that this particular act can 'ward off' evil spirits that could potentially harm a marriage.

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