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World's Most Famous SnapChat Travel Accounts That Would Amaze You

Travelers Today       By    Jane Gilligan

Updated: Jan 11, 2017 03:24 AM EST

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One of the best ways to see the world in the way other people sees it is through SnapChat. If you don't have the time and the resources then maybe follow these SnapChat Travel Accounts and see the world:

TheHungryPartier (@DrewBinsky) is popular because, as his name suggests, he is one adventurous party goer. Unlike the other SnapChat travel accounts that focus on seeing hidden islands, beautiful mountains and out-of-this-world activities, Drew Binsky usually focuses on cities of the world, their festivities and their culture. According to Huffington Post, he also likes interacting with his followers by playing games and giving away free prizes.

Hannah and Adam (@GettingStamped) are a young married couple who literally walked away from their jobs to pursue their careers as travel blogger. What makes them so special is that followers love the idea of how they shed off all the weight and resort to enjoy each other's company while traveling the world. According to a report from Travel + Liesure, they have been to a total of 62 countries so far and are about to embark on more travels.

Matt Karsten (@ExpertVagabond) is one popular travel blogger that has been on the move for the past six years. He has his own website where he records and reports to the world about his travels and adventures. A photographer in profession, he will surely give the view his best 'shot' that will make his followers want more. What makes him so popular is that he usually gives an entertaining and funny angle to all his stories.

If you still don't know these people and you have never used SnapChat, then it might be the best time to finally be converted as technology and Social Media experts are expected the platform to create major changes this year. According to a report from the LA Times, they are expecting SnapChat to become a platform that users can use to log into third party websites. It is expected to make them a much bigger company than they are now and be almost just as famous as Facebook.

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