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Travel Tips: Where To Get The Best Sushi In NYC

Travelers Today       By    Hazel Zol Marie Baloyo

Updated: Jan 10, 2017 04:42 AM EST

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Tsukiji Fish Market Holds First Auction For 2017
A customer eats a piece of tuna sushi inside one of the company's Sushi Zanmai sushi restaurants after the year's first auction at Tsukiji Market on January 5, 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. Kiyomura Co. bid the highest priced tuna weighing 212 kilogram (467.38 pound) for 74.2 million yen ($637,155) at the year's first auction.
(Photo: Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images)

From a simple street food from centuries ago in Japan up to a certain kind of art - sushi had become one of the most popular and loved Japanese preparation, where vinegared rice is mixed with either, fresh fish meat, vegetables, meat or tropical fruits. This kind of cooking style is growing extremely popular every day in all corners of the world, and the community of sushi lovers is growing bigger and bigger as well, especially in the busy city of New York.

For sushi enthusiasts, New York is probably the best place to visit for some sushi sampling. Here are the best places and highly recommended restaurants in NYC to get sushi:

Sushi Yasuda is an 18-year old restaurant in Midtown that serves incomparable plates of sushi, mastered by two kitchen wizards Tatsuya Sekiguchi and Mitsuru Tamura. The fish and all other seafood are well-inspected and assured to be fresh every day.

Tomoe Sushi is one of the highly recommended places for sushi in New York. The place is designed to be small with wooden chairs and tables. A very comfortable place that is always filled with people as the restaurant serves well-prepared and tasty plates of sushi and other Japanese cuisines.

Brushstroke Sushi a sushi bar that offers nothing but fresh sushi and high-quality Japanese delicacies served on handmade Japanese stoneware. The place is highly praised for its sashimi and sushi, definitely worth the expense, located at 30 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013, USA.

Sushi Nakazawa where plates of sushi are wonderfully served. Chefs who mastered the art of sushi such as Daisuke Nakazawa pays a lot of attention to his preparation and mostly focuses on making the vinegared rice and fresh fish meat soft to the point that it will just melt when eaten. The restaurant also offers a twenty-course omakase menu which is an addition to the excitement of the diners. Check out Travelers Today for more travel news and tips.

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