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This Is Why Difficult Asian Languages Are A Pain To Learn

Travelers Today       By    Mark James

Updated: Jan 06, 2017 10:45 AM EST

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People of different race speak different languages
The different Asian languages has been dubbed to be among the most difficult in the world.
(Photo: Treehouse/Youtube)

The special power of language in travel is that it brings together cultures. It helps people understand each other better and it is one of the best ways to assure that a traveler is safe. However, while considering to learn a language, native English speakers are expected to find Asian languages much harder to learn than any other foreign language.

For most difficult Asian languages, it is common to find out that reading, writing and speaking of the language are separate entities. If a person learning a language knows how to speak, it does not necessarily entail that a person can read. Furthermore, if a person can read the language, it does not necessarily mean that the person can properly write it.

One difficult Asian language to learn is Arabic. According to a report from Lifehack, the Arabic language involves a different way of writing and an unusual direction of reading. On top of that, the words are entirely different from English and European.

The hard thing about Chinese and Japanese is that there are certain special characters that are specifically intended for a certain word. In Japanese, these are known as the Kanji. According to a report from Business Insider, the Chinese, Korean and Japanese language is difficult because of the thousands of characters that are needed to be memorized.

What makes learning the Chinese language hard is that words vary in meaning depending on the intonation of the speaker, even if they are made up of exactly the same syllables. When pronounced in a wrong manner, the listener may find the speaker much harder to understand.

According to a report from Forbes, learning a language can be beneficial in the growth of a person's career. It is not only helpful when traveling but also many companies in the world consider an additional language as a special skill useful for business. This is why a lot of people are encouraged in learning a language.

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