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The Four Hidden Secrets and Treasures of North Korea

Travelers Today       By    Jane Gilligan

Updated: Jan 05, 2017 05:52 AM EST

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Number 4: North Korea Submarine-launched Ballistic Missile

This is one of the exciting North Korean Secrets. What is interesting about this is that military activities inside the country are rarely announced to the world. It was only through Google Earth that a missile launcher in the form of a submarine has been discovered along the coasts of North Korea. According to a report from BBC, the submarine has been doing continuous testing since August. A powerful military machine, it has urged many countries in the world to monitor military activities from the Hermit Kingdom.

Number 3: The PyongYang Metro

One of the hidden secrets of North Korea is their lavish, luxurious Pyongyang metro. Walls are made of beautiful marble and there are chandeliers in the ceilings, the Pyongyang metro is a definite stunner. One of the deepest in the world at 100 meters, it is one of North Korea's important and hidden technological gems. Although normal tourists are allowed to stop by and take photos, there are certain stations which are prohibited to foreigners.

Number 2: DMZ Infiltration Tunnels

The DMZ or the Demilitarized Zone in between North and South Korea is a large expanse of land that literally separates the two countries. At both sides, there are military men guarding their homelands. An intriguing North Korean Secret, it has been discovered that there are large and long tunnels in between the DMZ. According to CNN, this is an attempt by the North Korean Military to 'infiltrate' South Korea through a stealth attack. Although there are no detailed reports as to whether or not they succeeded, it is still a mystery if more tunnels are going to be discovered.

Number 1: The 'Permissible Haircuts'

If you have ever wondered why some North Koreans look as if they are from old photographs, this is because their hairstyles are literally from age-old photos. According to Time Magazine, there is a total of 28 State-Approved hairstyles in the country for both men and women. Although it is not much of a hidden secret of North Korea, if not followed accordingly, there are might be a price to pay. The good news is, there are some theories that the younger leader is not as particular about hair, unlike his father.

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