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Mariah Carey In 'Mariah's World': 'Touch My Body' Diva Feels 'Bittersweet' Seeing Herself In Wedding Dresses From Failed Engagement

Travelers Today       By    Gigi Arellano

Updated: Nov 29, 2016 08:04 PM EST

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Mariah Carey's year has been a full of romance and drama, while events in her life were also put on reels in preparation for her reality show "Mariah's World". The captured wedding preparations on film rack up bittersweet feelings, especially the ones showing her on wedding dresses.

The "Touch My Body" diva was engaged to Australian billionaire James Packer in January, which was sealed with a diamond ring in a whopping 35 karats. However, the two separated in October and not in friendly terms because accusations regarding religion and infidelity were thrown. Amidst the turmoil in her love life, Mariah is not letting the negativity affect her and doesn't even cringe while watching videos of her ill-fated relationship with Packer.

As was published on FOX News, Mariah shared to Carly Steel of Entertainment Tonight that she considers all those moments as bittersweet and that she just keeps her focus and moving on. ET's source also revealed that the former couple is on the stalemate in terms of their financial negotiations.

A source close to Carey and Packer recently told ET that the two have come to a standstill regarding financial negotiations. Apparently, this is affecting Mariah and might've even ruined the holidays for her, given that she is the "queen" of such. The diva's Instagram post shows a happy Mariah Carey, unfazed with all the complications of her recent break-up.

ET quoted Carey saying that "Mariah's World" is interesting in a way that people get to view both sides of her; one as a celebrity and the other as a normal "queen". She also regarded the show unscripted or anything. There are speculations that Packer's camp asked some footages to be removed, but the source denied the claims saying the shooting has not finished yet and that the rumors are not true. "Mariah's World" will be out on E! this December 4. Watch out!

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