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Beyoncé And Jay-Z News: Couple's Annual Mediterranean Cruise Budget Will Shock You: How Much Did They Spend?

Travelers Today       By    Jovie Lyn Alejandro

Updated: Nov 30, 2016 05:48 AM EST

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Amalfi Coast is a top destination of the rich and famous. It is considered by UNESCO to be an epitome of a Mediterranean landscape, a fascinating combination of nature's beauty and dramatic scenery. Tourist are captivated in the perfect union of the coastal cliff, stunning town and lush forest overlooking the bluish ocean.

A Mediterranean cruise along the Amalfi Coast, has become a yearly tradition of the music industry's power couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z. Usually around September, the birth month of Beyoncé. Together with their daughter, Blue Ivy, the trio hop on board a million-dollar yacht, Galactica Star, to sightsee the region.

The Galactica Star is a $50million, 65-metre-long ultra-yacht. It has its own private helipad, open-air jacuzzi, high-end galley, spacious sundeck area and several bars to serve its VIP guests. The exceptional aerodynamic design and aluminum body of the yacht make it extremely fuel-efficient and works fast for a vessel its size. According to Daily Mail, it is owned by Nigerian energy tycoon Kola Aluko, who bargains it to guests for a whooping £580,000-a-week. Imagine the budget the couple invested for an extravagant vacation, Blue Ivy must have been so lucky to have superstar parents surrounding her.

Last year, the family hovered to Naples and boarded from there to Capri, a magnificent island where luxuries are found everywhere. If you want to pave a visit like the trio, you got to taste some gelato at Gelateria Buonocore. Experience local gastronomy along the Amalfi Coast in the fishing village of Nerano to din at Conca del Sogno. The restaurant was famed for their raw seafood dishes.

The Carter-Knowles also visited Monaco. It is an independent city-state famous for its expensive casinos, yacht-lined harbor and impressive Grand Prix motor race. Monte Carlo, its main district, housed sophisticated casino complex and the gorgeous Salle Garnier opera house. It also has quite a number of expensive boutiques, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. And get to see Positano, is a cliffside village that is one of the famous holiday destination with a pebble beachfront, with arrays of boutiques and cafes line up in the narrow streets. The picturesque houses are a sight to behold, the photogenic town from a far is already a feast for the eyes.

The Carter-Knowles family vacation is such a heaven on earth experience. If you're green with envy and wants to taste a bit of their fame, you gotta double up your work and start saving, saving and saving. Options are endless in the area depending on your budget, yacht and boat chartering are very usual in the Mediterranean. Prices and services ranges from $3,000 to $900,000 a week.     

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