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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016: Adriana Lima Trains Her Way To Runway; Secrets Revealed To Have Body Like VS Angel

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Updated: Nov 28, 2016 09:06 AM EST

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Jab, hook, uppercut! The Brazilian Victoria Secret Angel Adriana Lima, 35, and a mother of two hit the boxing ring in preparation for the annual VS Lingerie Fashion Show. The longstanding Angel has been strutting the Victoria Secret catwalk for 15 years.

She has been showcasing different lingerie made by Victoria's Secret and is planning to walk the runway for five more shows before she passes her wings. In an interview, Lima said, "The Victoria's Secret fashion show gets bigger, and more and more countries are watching the show all over the place. And you're not going to be wearing much and you want to look your best in there. So yes, I get nervous and anxious."

At the age of 19, Adriana has been doing boxing and workouts in some fitness gyms in Miami. Whether there is a fashion show or not, you will always find her breaking sweat. "Well, I really love to workout, and boxing definitely is my thing. I started when I was 19, so it's just a passion that I have," she said. "And regardless of the show I am at the gym as much as I can", says Adriana. Boxing helps her focus on toning her body."

However, boxing and workouts won't work if not paired with a healthy diet. Adriana told Mail Online that she "changed the food but not her diet." In addition, eating healthy also sets as a good example to her kids, which is very important for her.

The model shares her night time routine before the big show, saying: "I always like to get my facial and a massage to help relax my nerves." Adding, ''Then I like to go to my room and have a nice warm bath and light a nice candle, dim the lights, listen to some nice classical music, and then I like to get my sleep, you know, get rested for the big day.''

If you want to have those curves, muscles, and "bums" like Adriana Lima's, here are her special instructions: "You can do burpees wherever you go. You can do squats. You can do shadowboxing in your bathroom - anywhere really," she said before suggesting push-ups as another great option for when you are on the go.

Aside from the above, "You can run outside, even for 10 minutes," she added. "As long as you do something and break a sweat. It is better than nothing."

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2016 will be held in Paris on November 30 and will be televised in the United States on December 5. Then, it will later be shown in almost 190 countries in the world. What's more exciting is that Lady Gaga and The Weekend will be performing for the show.

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