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How to Make Time Fly on Your Long-Haul Flight

Travelers Today       By    Marjorie Callanga

Updated: Oct 17, 2016 06:31 AM EDT

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Getting ready for your vacation makes you more excited. From planning your destination, to your itinerary and packing up your luggage. We all agree on one thing that makes us think that travelling to your destination could be a torture: it’s the long-haul flight.

Reaching your travel destination can make this long-haul flight worth it. But why not enjoy everything, even flying for hours, and sitting on a plane?

Everything needs preparation, of course. Taking a blow-up neck pillow with you on your flight is a must to avoid that neck pain if you sleep on your seat, according to Express. Bringing a wrap, big shawl or a chunky scarf will also help to rug up, and it also doubles as a makeshift pillow.

The Independent Traveler, on the other hand, suggests you may consider upgrading your flight. You really don’t have to sacrifice comfort for a small fortune if it means having to experience a first class legroom, fully reclining chairs, edible meals, entertainment, and breathing space.

If you really don’t want to add a few to your budget for an upgraded flight, you may want to read on how to Get An Airline Upgrade for Free.

We know that going on a vacation makes everything so much better because we don’t have to think about getting our job or work done, but bringing some work will also help you get by your long haul flight.

Boarding relatively rested will also help you since you can’t always count on your long-haul flight to catch some sleep. If you have to finish work before your flight, you may bring some sleep aid with you to help you fall asleep on your long-haul flight.

You may also want to bring your favorite book with you. It may also be the perfect time to finish that TV series you have been dying to watch, but you got work to do before.

Above all these things, keeping your eye on your destination and never letting go of that excitement for your vacation will still be the best thing to do to survive your long-haul flight.

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