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The World's Most Dangerous Road

Five Most Dangerous Roads In The World

Do you want to hit the roads? Tourists would like to cruise to find cool sceneries, hidden spots, adventure, and fun. Every year, though, we hear the news stories that the number of people killed on the roads. Mostly, it's the driver's mishaps. But we also have to survey the roads where they travel.



Five Of The Best Cameras For Travel Vlogging

Vlogging is seen as the trend today, and more people do video blogging than write off an article that sells. Travel vloggers are besetting up hits and followers on YouTube and take in fantastic revenues from individuals who view their videos.


WORLD'S BIGGEST INFLATABLE: 893FT / 272M Crazy Obstacle Course!

Meet The Beast: World’s Biggest Inflatable Obstacle Course

Do you remember the inflatable bouncer you played, which gives you hours of fun and enjoyment when you were a kid? Now, you can relive those memories when you were a child if you heard of The Beast, the world's biggest inflatable obstacle course for adults.


UK Airport Car Park Prices

UK Parking Rates Skyrocket; Draws Rage Among The Public And Airlines Sector

UK airports are charging travelers double than their usual car park rates when they want their vehicles to stay put on the venue grounds upon vacationing on school breaks and summer peaks. The recent move to increase park charges has angered the public and some airline officials, even calling it outrageous profiteering.


Insects: Our Food Of The Future?

Five Countries That Eat Insects

While many people shudder at the thought of bugs, there are individuals, or nations rather, who relish the idea of eating insects. Humanosphere reports that insects are almost certainly going to be a bigger part of your diet in the future and are healthier, for you and the planet than many, if not most, things Americans eat.


Choristers At Salisbury Cathedral Mark Shrove Tuesday

Pancake Day 2017: Five Countries You To Visit For Pancakes

This year's Pancake Day falls on the last day of February and just in time for Lent. Also known as Shrove Tuesday, people around the world will be "shroving" or "freeing themselves from sin" by munching down indulgent and fatty foods before Ash Wednesday.


Discover the history in your DNA

Plan Your Vacation With A DNA Kit

There is a particular company that allows you to plan your trip by finding out your ancestral origins and assists you in visiting the places you are from. DNA Unwrapped lets you take a swipe of your DNA in which you can already determine your genealogy up to 80 countries and invites you to visit these regions for yourself.


Why 80% Of This Island Nation Is Fat

Travel And Eat Healthy At The South Pacific Islands

Community leaders in the South Pacific islands plan to ban all Western junk food to give importance to local, organic products for consumption. The initiative is seen to combat health problems and promote the islands' agricultural lands and natural resources.


Snow monkeys soak in hot springs of Japan

Monkeying Around: Gorilla Invites You To Travel Uganda, Tinder For Orangutans and More

The tourism industry seems to be 'monkeying around' to boost domestic and foreign visitors in their countries. We have the latest scoop in the animal kingdom and how it can help tourists appreciate both the countries' sceneries and the monkeys roaming there.


Savings Jar

Travel Tips: Five Ways To Marry And Remain Faithful To Your Vacation Budget

How to not run out of money during vacations? These five tips can get you started


Bacari And Cicchetti: The Venetian Culture Of Aperitifs

Guest Review Awards: People Want Good Sleep unraveled that travelers always wanted to have a nice sleep during their stay in hotels. The Guest Review Awards have uncovered that the number one requisite of tourists has always been a comfortable bed for them for them to sleep peacefully with the experience of feeling like home.


Family vacation

Mind-Reading Technology Knows Your Perfect Holiday

Do you know where your next holiday will be? Don't worry, there's a brain reading software that reads your emotions and leads you to your perfect destination.


#PlanForVacation with Samantha Brown | National Plan for Vacation Day, January 31

Project: Time Off, Americans To Participate On National Plan For Vacation Day

Many Americans dream of having to travel and relax all day but only a few get to realize that dream. That's why the people behind Project: Time Off, marked January 31 as National Plan for Vacation Day and encourages everyone to take advantage of their office leaves.


Skycamp by iKamper

You Can Now Camp Safely Atop Of Your Car

iKamper has introduced a quite unique tent experience for travelers who wants to sleep in more 'magical way' - on top of their cars.


Maximize Your Travels

Five Great Questions To Ask To Maximize Your Next Vacation

Did your vacation in 2016 not go so well? Maybe it's time to ask yourself these five questions to make your 2017 adventures more productive!


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