July 18, 2024 4:38 PM


Top 5 Vehicles Superheroes Use

A hero usually employs a vehicle to traverse great distances. Here are some of the many iconic vehicles that have aided superheroes in their crime fighting duties.


Top Fictional Vehicles from Movies

Vehicles are important in movies because they help the main character travel fast in order to catch the antagonist or just to get to any place. They are designed to have unique features compared to the vehicles of the real world. Here are some of the many vehicles from films that movie goers are sure to identify.


Top 5 Star Wars Vehicles

Star Wars presented us with the best spacecraft in any science fiction film. It was quite an achievement for Lucas films to be able to create space vehicles that are believable and at the same time imaginary for their time. With its worldwide popularity, it wouldn't be a surprise if the concepts and designs of the space crafts will be used as inspirations for air and ground transport in the near future.


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