July 20, 2024 8:14 PM

United Kingdom

Aer Lingus Takes Bradley International Airport Back On Trans-Atlantic Map

Aer Lingus put Hartford's Bradley International Airport back on the trans-Atlantic route map and aimed to expand its international service by adding 28 more connections to destinations in the United Kingdom and Europe.


Kate McWilliams: Feeling High About Being The Youngest Air Captain

At just 26 years old, Kate McWilliams is officially the youngest air pilot captain, working for budget airline Easyjet, and gaining this distinction just this year.


Monarch Airlines Brush Rumours That The Are Going to Crash

Rumors have spread that financial health may affect their passenger's flight bookings but United Kingdom's budget airline Monarch has stated that the firm and its flight schedules are going steady and normal as they are.


Top 5 Places to Photo Capture Colours of Autumn in UK

Autumn is also known as "fall". This is because it is the time of the year when trees lose their leaves and fall to the ground. Autumn is not only about falling leaves, but also about the beauty of its colour, peacefulness and mystery.


Top 5 Countries with Current “Great Deals” Travel Spots

Make every trip worth its cost and check out Top 5 countries with “great vacation deals” travel spots right now.


5 Weird British Laws To Take Note Of

There are rules that a visitor from another country might find doubtful or even funny but here is a list of weird laws that are being implemented in the United Kingdom.


Top Five Creepiest Places On Earth

These are the creepiest places around the world.


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