October 4, 2023 4:20 PM

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The Most Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Visiting New York City

Travelers who are planning a trip to New York can get overwhelmed because of the hustle and bustle of the city. To make sure that one’s trip to the Big Apple is worthwhile, make sure to avoid these common mistakes.


The Biggest Traveling Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Doing, 2018 Edition

Even though many travelers have gone to countless places, they are still unaware of the common mistakes they make that decreases the quality of their trip. To make one’s vacation more relaxing and worry-free, check out these common traveling mistakes.


"Yes, We Do Laugh At Your Naked Body," : Former Airport Security Officer Tells All

Yes, it's true what we all feared and suspected; former TSA agents Jason Harrington claims that airport security do laugh at us as we're going through the body scanner.


Top 5 Biggest Traveling Mistakes You Should 100% Avoid

At times, travelers are overcome with the thrill and excitement of going to a foreign place for the first time. Places like Italy, Berlin, Rome and London are where one can easily get lost in the diverse beauty, culture and history. These in turn can lead to fatal mistakes tourists wished they could’ve avoided early on.


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