April 13, 2024 7:43 AM

Times Square

New York Times Square Transforms From Crowded City Into A 'Multi-Use, Dynamic, Changing' Public Space

New York Times Square's new pedestrian walks are full of seats and space for various activities from playing live music to passing pedestrians and tourists to accommodating public art gallery viewing.


Mickey Mouse Is Charging Tourists $310 For A Photo

Mickey Mouse is charging tourists to take photos with him for $310 in what seems to be a scam in Times Square. While Disney is not behind this rip-off, certainly it was 52-year-old, Lester Mengersen, who made headlines three years ago when he clamored that costumed actors are not bad.


Times Square New Year Eve’s Celebration, Revelers In!

Times New Square New Year Eve’s Celebration was definitely a party in its essence. Remarkably, revelers flock from everywhere just to have fun and bid 2016 good bye.


Tinder Releases Paid-Feature Called 'Passport'; Start Singing Your 'Love Story' Ala Taylor Swift

Nowadays, you do not need to look for genie in a bottle in Middle East or a fairy god mother somewhere in France’s palaces to grant your wish. Your prince charming or your dream girl can be found in gadgets too.


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