July 13, 2024 10:08 AM

south pacific

Barack And Michelle Obama Spotted Paddleboarding In Tahiti

Barack And Michelle Obama have been spotted in Tahiti, swimming, and paddleboarding in one of the French Polynesian islands.


Travel And Eat Healthy At The South Pacific Islands

Community leaders in the South Pacific islands plan to ban all Western junk food to give importance to local, organic products for consumption. The initiative is seen to combat health problems and promote the islands' agricultural lands and natural resources.


Tonga: Your Next South Pacific Holiday

The South Pacific region is abundant in rich and vacation-worthy islands. But maybe it’s time to divert away from the flashy places-to-be and go for a more authentic and warm destination.


Tahiti Vacations: What to Expect In French Polynesia's Biggest Island

Known for its iconic beaches, water bungalows, and French infused Tahitian Cuisine, it is no wonder that Tahiti is recognized to be one of the most exclusive destinations.


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