February 27, 2024 9:57 AM


The Best Spots In The World For Diving With Sharks

Those who have a thirst for adventure would absolutely love to see sharks in their natural habitat. Seeing the feared animal in the open ocean not only warrants an adventure of a lifetime, but also an understanding of their species.


Shark Fails to ‘Swallow’ Tourist’s Arm ‘Whole’

What is believed to be a silky shark failed to 'swallow' a tourist's arm 'whole' after the victim smacked the predator's head with her right arm.


Shark Sightings In Cape Cod [VIDEO]: Beach Lovers Beware – New Shark Sightings in The East Coast Results In Safety Warning

Shark sightings in Cape Cod have reportedly prompted more intense East Coast safety warnings, reports The Inquisitr. Massachusetts officials have now developed a safety brochure because of the new shark sightings in Cape Cod.


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