July 15, 2024 6:51 AM

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Is Space Travel Worth the Hype? Here’s Why It's a Total Game-Changer!

Is Space Travel Worth the Hype? Here’s Why It's a Total Game-Changer

You can experience the thrill of space travel and see Earth like never before! Discover what it's like to float in zero gravity.


The World’s Largest Alien-Finding Telescope Is Now Open To Visitors

China has finished constructing the Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) last year and has now opened the center to the public for people to learn how the telescope works and astronomical finds in its museum. FAST, considered as the world's largest radio telescope, was developed to search for radio waves across the galaxies to find any signs of alien life.


Newly Christened Planet Is Named Bernard

The Australian Citizen Science Project contested to have a minor planet named 'Bernard' to honor the founding chairman, Dr. Bernard Bowen of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR). theSkyNet won the competition during the NameExoWorlds organized by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to name the said planet as Bernardbowen or Bernard for short.


Defying Gravity: Experience Outer Space And Be An Astronaut For A Day; Find Out How!

Back here on Earth, did you know that you can also experience living in outer space, feel like an astronaut and experience zero gravity? Just like in fictional movies, you can float, fly and feel like Superman in weightlessness.


Storm Jonas From Outer Space

Astronaut Scott Kelly tweets incredible images from International Space Station of the moment where a massive storm batters America


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