September 30, 2023 7:47 PM

Olympic Games

Japanese Olympic Golf Course To Grant Women Full Membership Rights

Japan's Olympic Golf Course will grant women full membership rights to play at the venue after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has threatened the golf course to scrap its Tokyo 2020 status if it does not admit women to golf in the area. The Kasumigaseki Country Club will host the men's and women's tournaments in July and August 2020.


2019 Rugby World Cup & 2020 Olympic Games Get Japan’s High-Tech Toilet Mystery Uncovered!

Experiencing Japan's high-tech toilet mishaps? Don't worry 2019 Rugby World Cup & 2020 Olympic Games finally help resolve its mystery!


American Travelers Warned Of Security Concerns At Winter Olympics In Sochi

Americans traveling to Sochi for the Winter Olympic Games are being warned to be cautious amid high security concerns in Russia.


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