April 19, 2024 5:54 AM

Mexico City Travel

The Corruptour: Tour Itineraries Include Visiting Hotspots Full of Corruption

Mexico's open air-tour will shed light on the country's greatest corruption hotspots and stories. The Corruptour will not stop at famous tourists' destination like El Malecon or the Great Pyramid of Cholula, but rather in landmarks such as the monument dedicated for the students of Ayotzinapa whi disappeared in 2014 among many others.


Dollar’s Record Breaking Rate Will You To Mexico’s Unexplored Destinations

Get the benefits of dollar's high rate today and see where it can bring you in Mexico's three hidden paradises.


Top 5 Must-Do Activities In Mexico City

While traveling to Mexico City, here are the top 5 must do activities. Have the best guide where to go and what to do in the historic country.


Travel Tips: A Mexico Border Crossing Road Trip Guide For Americans

With several American and Mexican towns sitting right on the border, road trips to Mexico are a great way to escape for working weekend warriors. This guide tells you where to go, what to bring, and safety tips for an exciting Mexican road trip.


Travel Tips: Finding The Hippest Boutique Hotels In Mexico City

This bustling tourism city is home to a multitude of cheap-thrills and moneywise adventures. While accommodation may be a nightmare in many travel horror stories, this city has some of the best affordable-yet-luxurious spots in the world!


Mexico City's Best Museums, Street Walks, and Neighborhood Bistros

Just a quick trip across the border, Mexico City gives an insight into this bustling city's old world charm and modern hustle. Here are some of the attractions to watch out for in this historical and cultural city, no matter what kind of adventure you are looking for.


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