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Mauritius Best Restaurants

Mauritius' Culinary Cream Of The Crop: Five Restaurants You Should Not Miss!

Mauritius is a hotpot of culinary culture and these five restaurants exhibit this amazing uniqueness with dishes packed with amazing, exotic flavors one could only find in the island.


Sega Music

Sega: Mauritius Signature Groove Growing Amidst Luxury Destinations

Sega is Mauritius' dance which tails itself 500 years ago by African slaves. Escapees took relief to dancing and music to express much of their sadness or joy.


Mauritius Island, Country in Africa - Best Travel Destination

Ancient Continent Found Under the Indian Ocean

A research team led by the South Africa's University of the Witwatersrand has found evidence that might result in the discovery of an ancient continent below the Indian Ocean. They found the land covered in lava and dubbed it 'Mauritia,' after discovering it under the island of Mauritius.


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