July 20, 2024 8:46 PM

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Studio Ghibli Museum Welcomes 10 Millionth Visitor in January

Hayao Miyazaki must be really happy to know that sometime a week after his 76th birthday, the 10 millionth visitor has stepped into Studio Ghibli's museum since its humble beginnings in October 2001. Akio Nagata and his family were welcomed with surprises and gifts for being the lucky sightseers.


Japan's Largest Coral Reef is 70 Percent Dead

Japan's Sekiseishoko coral reef, one of the country's largest reefs and popular diving destinations is at least 70 percent dead according to an Environment Ministry survey. It was found out that the corals were bleached due to warm waters.


Travel Tips: Must-Try Japanese Street Food

There is a wide variety of Japanese street foods. The flavors are ranging from mild to very sweet and salty. Japanese festivity is not complete without street foods around.


5 Things Travelers Shouldn't Miss When In Japan

There are 5 things travelers shouldn't miss out when visiting Japan. The country is just full of places to visit but these 5 things should be on the top each traveler's list.


Top 5 Things To See & Do In Japan During Winter Season

Enjoy the many festivities, sites, and attractions that Japan can offer this winter! Here are our top 5 things to see and do in Japan during the winter season.


Chinsekikan, The Japanese Museum Devoted To Rocks That Look Like Human Faces

Chinsekikan is a unique museum in Japan that only displays rocks that look like human faces.


Travel Tips: Where to Experience Snow Near Tokyo

The bustling Japanese capital of Tokyo experiences winter, but it's usually just cold (sometimes extremely cold) weather, and very little snowfall. If you're on this side of the world and would like to experience some snow, hot springs, as well as activities like skiing and snowboarding, read on.


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