July 22, 2024 4:20 PM

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Free Musuem Entry In Italy For All Women During International Women's Month

In celebration of International Women's Day, all women in spite of her nationality will get to enjoy free entrance to Italy's museums and cultural destinations. There are over 100 museums around the country that will hold talks and showcase women's art throughout history.


How You Can Leave Your Mark On The Florence Cathedral Without Vandalizing It

Italy has been vigilant in protecting its historical sites from rowdy tourists who continually try to break in and vandalize the ancient location. But, now, the country welcomes travelers to vandal the Florence cathedral without defacing the building itself.


Italy’s Vagli di Sotto To Build A Statue Of Trump

Italy's Vagli di Sotto in the Tuscan hills is willing to spend $85,000 on crafting a statue of Donald Trump to bring in more tourists to the mountains. The marbled-Trump figure will be erected in the Park of Honor and Dishonor together with other famous marbled personalities.


Venice Plans To Limit Tourists: Italian City Fights Against Overcrowding

VENICE, ITALY - Venetian authorities are considering the introduction of a tourist limit on the city in an attempt to prevent overcrowding and the degradation of the city's heritage sites.


Traditional Villages in Italy on the Border of Extinction

At 120 villagers, the mountain town of Gorreto has always been small, but with the only population now with an average age of 60, the village is on the brink of extinction. Unfortunately, this is becoming a trend.


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